Praise Reports


January 30, 2012

Praise God from Whom all blessings flow; Praise Him all creatures here below. It is with great excitement and joy that we post this awesome praise report. Through God's goodness, His Favor and His precious Mercy; at our 5th Sunday service held at The True Holiness House of Prayer Pastor Best in Goldsboro North Carolina January 29th, 2012; we had eight souls to go down in the Name of Jesus. God is great and greatly to be praised. We just wanted to share this awesome news with our brothers and sisters everywhere. We love you and we pray that our Father will continue to bless, heal and deliver all over this land. 
Graciously submitted, 

District Elder Billy Johnson and Elect Lady Sheila and the Fair Bluff True Holiness Family. 
Church of God And True Holiness 
Fair Bluff, North Carolina

January 10, 2012
Grandson, Ahziah DeBoe (2yrs old), was prayed out of a coma.  He is now in
physical, occupational, and speech therapy, and doing quite well.

Teresa DeBoe
Cleveland - West, Ohio

January 25, 2011
For the first time I will testify to you all, how great our God is that we're serving for here in the Philippines.

We, the Church of God And True Holiness, Inc. was established last February 11, 1998 here in the Philippines. Since that time we've grown from about 50 churches to 80 or more.

With the initiative and the generosity of Chief Apostle Albert Dixon and some of the bishops, we have continued our annual general convention on the first week of May. We're so blessed by his wonderful working power through miracles that we have experienced these past years in our ministry. In 1994, the church building that we rented was totally burned, except for one room that all of our church material was in, from sound instruments to curtains they were never touched by the rapid fire. Hallelujah!! Five of our church members here also experienced fire in the area where they live. They were surrounded by fire but it didn't reach to their houses.

Just recently one of our members was working in a mall as a baggage counter; he received a box that contained a bomb that he did not notice. Later on he heard a soft ringing sound of a cellphone inside the box, but he just ignored it at first. Later in the afternoon he heard it ring again. He then decided to inform security. Then right away they called a bomb squad, and they found a bomb. The bomb squad team exploded it outside the building. Praise the Lord it didn't explode in the hands of his child.

Truly our God is Great and worthy of all our praises. We baptized 79 city jail inmates through our prison ministry here in Davao City. Our prayers and worship will allow God to move in miraculous ways. Pray for us in our ministry in the Philippines and around the world.
(edited text)
Pastor Jonathan P. Cubelo Sr.
Davao City Philippines

True Holiness Temple (Headquarters in Cleveland, OH) baptized 6 souls on July 11, 2010


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