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January 23, 2012
God Bless you Apostle & Mother Dixon 
Dr.Prophet William S. Foy
Cleveland, OH

July 27, 2011
Praise the Lord, Jesus! Sending greetings from the North! God Bless and keep you 

all in perfect peace.  Looking forward to seeing everyone in Toronto in August!

Sister Alexis Lee

Brampton, Ontario, Canada (aka Toronto)


July 20, 2011

Praise God to his mighty power, that many great man of God that teaching the

Apostolic Doctrine. I am very much Happy to found this website. Pls. include us

in your prayers always that the ministries God entrusted to us will persevere

until his second coming...God Bless us all...

Ptr. Edgardo T. Calamonte Jr.

General Santos City, Philippines

Edgardo T. Calamonte Jr.

General Santos City, Philippines

July 6, 2011

Hello Apostle,

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I'm Pastor Kennedy Ochieng' from Kenya, Africa. I'm the leader of our congregations here in Kenya totaling three. I have visited your website and I am greatly interested in working with your group for furthering the gospel of Salvation. Do you have any affiliate group here in Kenya?

Waiting to hear from you.

God bless,

Pastor Kennedy.

Kenya Africa


July 3, 2011

What a great time we had in Fellowship with the greatest body of believers on

the planet during the 84th Convocation. Much Love to Apostle Brandt, the Board

of Apostles, Bishops & the Dixon Family. Peace

Bishop L. Neal Smith

Akron, Oh

June 3, 2011

I am Brother Quintin Moore I live and attend Church Of God and True Holiness

here in Fair Bluff, NC, under the pastoring of the great Apostle Raymond Faison

Jr.  Just wanted to say that as a 14 year old I am sooo grateful to be in an

organization where God moves and dwells in our lives. Just thanking God for what

he has done in my life and praying that he will continue to use me for his will. I am praying that God will make a mighty move at the Convocation. God bless you, and may heaven smile on you.

Quintin Moore

Fair Bluff, North Carolina



May 25, 2011

May 3-5, 2011. 13th Annual National Gen. Convention, Davao City, Phil. Results

to 19 souls Baptized in Jesus name in water. Glory to God!!!

Elder Jonathan P. Cubelo Sr.

Davao City, Phil.

May 13, 2011
God gave me life and I really thank him.
I thank God for Bishop James Brant Jr. Love Always
Katelyn Nicole Armentrout
Tampa, FL

January 25, 2011
I am Pastor Jonathan P. Cubelo Sr. I live here in 1413 Southvilla, Ma-a, Davao City, Philippines. I have just found our website, and I'm so grateful to the Lord for His mighty works that he has done in our ministries. I am also grateful that it can be known abroad through this website network. God bless us all.
Jonathan P. Cubelo Sr.
Davao City, Philippines

November 1, 2009
Praise the Lord and good job with the website.  Continue worshiping  Jesus in spirit and in truth.
Sister Maria Headd
Euclid, OH

October 29, 2009
My name is Pastor Mugoh from Kenya.  I have visited your website and am encouraged by your biblical teachings. Keep up the good work of the Lord.
Pastor Peter Mugoh
Kenya, Africa

 June 30, 2009
I can recall attending the Youth Convention in March.  Although I was not a member of the True Holiness denomination, I always felt welcomed and met several nice people.  Jerry Zedekia (shouting John we called him) and so many of the youth from Cleveland at that time.  We always looked forward to hearing the musicians and that awesome choir from Cleveland. During that time (80's) the Convocation was one that the entire NE Winter Haven Community anticipated.  May God continue to bless you Bishop Dixon and the entire True Holiness Family is my prayer.      

Deryl Hamilton

Winter Haven, FL

June 19, 2009: I grew up attending the Church of God and True Holiness church in Buffalo,
New York. My mother was Sister Emma Smart. She sang high soprano notes in sister
Valdese Garlington's choir. My fondest memories are of the annual conventions
held in Buffalo (in August), Goldsboro (in October), and Winter Haven (In
March). I remember Dot & Jessie Goodin, the Dixon,Parries and Samples families
of Cleveland, The Pendelton and Pratt families of Fredericksburg, the Worrells
family, Hattie, Edna, and James Carlton of Norfolk (James could really play the
piano well), and the Lewis family and Bishop Jackson of Winter Haven. Two of my
friends were Sharon Parries and Ann Worrells. During the Buffalo convention each
year, we would go to Chrystal Beach and Niagara Falls for sight seeing on
Saturday. *I used to babysit the Garlington children when they lived in
Buffalo(Depew)N.Y. I will always cherish these memories!
Mrs. Kathy Bethel
Buffalo, N.Y.

March 17, 2009
This website is awesome! It's great to see us moving right along and growing in

the Lord.  To everyone that put this site together~ Wonderful Job!

Sister Yvette Dixon
Cleveland, Ohio

March 17, 2009
Bishop-elect Tyson...The website looks wonderful and I look forward to seeing
this site grow for the benefit of the kingdom of God. I know that you took a lot of time
on this and the hard work has definitely paid off.
Sister Juletta Tyson
Richmond, VA

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