Our Chief Apostle, Emeritus

Apostle Albert E. Dixon, Sr. has labored vigorously in the kingdom of God in order to teach the doctrine of the apostles in these last days. He was filled with the precious gift of the Holy Spirit at the age of ten and has been serving the lord ever since.

After miraculously surviving an accident, which killed his younger brother, he went into ministry full time and was soon named the National Evangelist of the Churches of God and True Holiness in June of 1967. Married with children, Apostle traveled extensively all over the eastern seaboard and in foreign countries preaching the gospel. He can divulge countless stories of how God protected and Apostle Albert  Dixon, Sr.provided for him and his family during those trying ;times. He began his pastorate in November of 1967 in a storefront in Cleveland, Ohio, with his wife, Mother Sarah R. Dixon, and four other members.

The congregation has multiplied and relocated several times. It is now housed in the multi-million dollar historical complex you see on our home page. The Temple potentially seats approximately 700 members and has a huge stage, which permits us to facilitate large concerts and theatrical events.

In June 1978, Apostle was elected to be the Presiding Prelate of the Churches of God and True Holiness, Inc. and in June 1996, he was consecrated as an Apostle. He has worked tirelessly to unite Pentecostal Apostolic believers in an effort to destroy the kingdom of darkness. Bishop spearheaded the international fellowship known as the Alliance of Apostolic Churches of Christ Jesus (A.A.C.C.J), and also was a catalyst in the formation of a similar group of pastors in his hometown of Cleveland called the Cleveland Apostolic Ministerial Fellowship (C.A.M.F). This organization is a fellowship of likeminded pastors, who have united in an effort to provide formal education and outreach ministries to the community.  In June 2009 Apostle Dixon was consecrated as Chief Apostle of the Churches of God and True Holiness, Inc.  Apostle Dixon is a man wholly devoted to the Lord, a man of impeccable integrity and dedicated service. He has a heart of mercy and compassion that attracts anyone who meets him, and yet he stands firm on issues of faith and sanctification that many pastors are afraid to teach or uphold. He teaches that holiness is not ;a denomination but "a way of life"! A passionate preacher and anointed to heal the sick, Bishop solicits your prayers as God is taking him to agreater level in mentoring other pastors in the U.S. and in foreign countries. It has been recently prophesied many times over his life, that, "his best days are still ahead of him". He is determined to reach and teach as many people as possible, that, "a holy life is the best life"!

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