Individual Church Financial Report

The Churches of God and True Holiness

Individual Church Financial Report

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Pastor Name                                                                                    

Church Name                                                                                   

Mailing Address (if different)                                                        
Church Phone                                                                                    

Church's Email                                                                                  

Pastor's Phone                                                                                  
Pastor's Email                                                                                   

Last Fiscal Year Intake (June-July)                                                       

Monies Being Sent To The Treasury

Tithes (10% of church income)                                                       
Pastor's Retirement ($100 minimum)                                            
Pastor's Insurance                                                                             
Foreign Missions                                                                                        
Loan Repayment                                                                                 
Convocation registration $52 x                               
License Fees                                                                                        
Other (please specify)                                         
Total Amount                                                                                        
**After submitting this form another form will come up where you can submit your monies securely through Paypal**

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